Don’t Let Your Dog Eat That!

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  1. Onions and Garlic
    Onions and garlic are a part of the Allium family (including chives and leeks, too) and can be fatal to dogs. They can cause anemia by killing red blood cells, and the symptoms sometimes take time to become obvious. Check your dog for vomiting, difficulty breathing, pale or discolored gums, and fainting; if these signs occur and you suspect your dog may have gotten to onions or garlic, get your dog to the vet immediately.

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  2. Alcohol
    No, you can’t share your beer with your dog. Alcohol can cause vomiting, nerve problems, breathing trouble, and fainting spells. It affects the liver, the brain, and the central nervous system at a faster and more severe rate than most humans.

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  3. Grapes
    No one knows for sure what is in grapes (and subsequently raisins) that causes kidney failure in canines. Symptoms may not occur immediately, but vomiting, dehydrating, diarrhea, and weakness can occur after even small doses. If untreated, kidney failure can take your dog’s life in five days.

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  4. Chocolate
    Chocolate contains caffeine (also found on this list at #8) and methylxanthines. This substance can cause vomiting, diarrhea, irregular heartbeats, seizures, and death. Dark chocolate contains more methylxanthines and white chocolate contains the least amount but can still be very harmful even in small amounts.

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  5. Meat Bones
    Bones can splinter, break, and choke your dog. Bones pieces can lodge in your dog’s throat or anywhere along the digestive tract. Domestic dogs are not meant to gnaw on bones, especially since residual raw meat can make your dog very sick.

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  6. Avocado
    The leaves, bark, and fruit of avocado plants contain a toxin called persin which can be dangerous for your dog’s health. In large doses, avocado can cause breathing problems, fluid buildup in the chest and lungs, and digestive issues. Under no circumstance should your dog get to an avocado pit since this is very toxic and poses a choking threat.

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  7. Macadamia Nuts and Pecans
    These particular nuts can lead to muscle weakness and spasms, a rise in temperature, and vomiting. Symptoms can appear within twelve hours of consuming even five pieces. These can affect the pancreas, among other organs, and may cause death.

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  8. Caffeine
    Caffeine is toxic to dogs. Do not give your dog items that contain caffeine, including chocolate, coffee, tea, and energy drinks. Your dog does not need the extra energy nor the possibly fatal nervous problems that come with ingesting caffeine.

    Don't Eat That 9
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  9. Salty Snacks
    An excess of salty food is unhealthy for humans, too, but dogs react severely to salty foods. These can cause dehydration, trouble urinating, and seizures.

    Don't Eat That 10
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  10. Raw Meat and Eggs
    Humans aren’t supposed to eat raw meat because of the possibility of E. coli and Salmonella; dogs are no different. Wild dogs may be just fine eating raw meat to survive, but domestic dogs can be exposed to diseases, bacteria, and even death.

    Don't Eat That 11
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  11. Xylitol
    This sweetener is found in many human food items, but it can cause liver failure in dogs. Keep your dog away from any product containing xylitol, such as gum, candy, toothpaste, and baked goods.

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  12. Sugary Snacks
    Just like an excess amount of sugar is harmful to humans, sugar can cause a host of health problems for dogs. Keep your dog away from the sweets to avoid weight and digestive issues, diabetes, and dental problems.

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  13. Yeast Dough
    Yeast causes dough to rise and expand, which poses a problem in a dog’s digestive tract. Ingesting yeast dough can cause severe stomach problems in dogs, and the release of alcohol as the yeast ferments can lead to fatal alcohol poisoning.

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  14. Dairy Products
    Dairy products produce a wide range of reactions in dogs. Some dogs show no problematic reactions, some only have mild discomfort and gas, and others react severely in the form of vomiting and diarrhea. You can play it safe and avoid all yogurts, milks, and cheeses, or start small with tiny portions (no larger than a finger nail) and wait for several hours between giving some to your dog. Check for any signs of discomfort or stomach upset before giving your dog more.

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  15. Human Vitamins and Medications
    You know you shouldn’t take vitamins when you don’t know what’s in them or medication that is not prescribed to you. Dogs can react severely to human dosage and certain ingredients. Some human vitamins and medications are fatal even in small doses for dogs. If your dog needs dietary supplements or medication for any reason, contact your vet and only give your dog such items that are approved by a veterinarian.

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