New Puppy Checklist

Congratulations! Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time for everyone involved. The following list can help you make sure everything is in order when it’s time to bring the new addition into your home.

  1. Puppy Food
  2. Food and Water Bowls
  3. A Variety of Chew Toys
  4. Training Treats
  5. Adjustable Collar, Leash, and ID Tag
  6. An Enzyme Cleaner and Potty Pads
  7. Puppy Bed
  8. Poop Scoop and Bags
  9. Grooming Brush and Nail Clippers
  10. Flea and Tick Trevention (medication or topical)
  11. Puppy Shampoo
  12. Dog Crate and Carrier
  13. Local Veterinarian’s Phone Number and Address
  14. Plans for Vaccinations and Spaying/Neutering
  15. Plans for Puppy Training or Obedience Classes
puppy checklist image
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