Police Officer Drives 650 Miles to Return Lost Dog

It was just another day on a long road trip for a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina unidentified man and his pet Basset Hound, Bella, when they were unexpectedly involved in a car accident in New Jersey. While both dog and owner survived the crash, the driver had to be taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment for his rather serious injuries.

As it is customary in Monmouth County where the incident took place, Bella was taken into the custody of the Monmouth County Humane Society, where they hold dogs for a week before putting them up for adoption if nobody comes to claim them. Bella’s owner was still receiving treatment and could not physically claim his beloved pet, and neither could his extended family considering they were back home in South Carolina. Bella was about to be put of for adoption in a foreign state and her owner wasn’t in any conditions to prevent this from happening.

Fortunately for both Bella and her owner, a police officer who had been called to the accident scene found out about the sad circumstances they were in. After speaking to Bella’s extended family back in Myrtle Beach and discovering they could not make the drive all the way up to New Jersey, he volunteered himself to drive the Basset Hound to his respective owners.

New Jersey Patrol Officer Kuhl looked out for Bella at his own place before making the near 650-mile drive along the Eastern coast with fellow partner officer Michael Tancredi to return the lost pet to her family. “It pulled on my heartstrings a little bit,”Patrol Officer Kuhl told CBS New York. “I have two dogs at home and got the feeling that this guy feels the same way about dogs that I do.”

Bella was said to be ecstatic as she realized she was home once they reached their owners house in Myrtle Beach. Kuhl himself described it as an experience he will never forget, saying “I felt like we built a lot of memories.”


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