170 LB Great Dane May Be World’s Largest Dog

A strikingly large Great Dane, aptly named Major, is amongst the biggest dogs in the world. He is so large, in fact, that he might just be named the world’s largest dog by the Guinness Book of Records. Major, a 3-year-old from Penmaen, South Wales, is up against two other Great Danes for the largest dog record.
When standing on his hind legs, Major measures an astounding 7 ft, and weighs in at approximately 170 pounds. Due to his abnormal size, Major’s owners Brian and Julie Williams had to buy him an adult-sized mattress for him to sleep his usual 22 hours per day (yes, you read that correctly). Besides his unusual sleeping schedule, Major also needs a special diet to satisfy his hunger and provide enough nutrients for a healthy body, which mainly consists of chicken and rice.


Despite seeming slightly intimidating, Brian assured in a previous interview with the Daily Mail that Major “is the biggest-hearted dog in the world…He’s afraid of his own shadow, he’s absolutely great with kids and an absolute star.” Major is up against another two fellow Danes for the title, Rocco from Nevada and Freddy from Essex, England.

As the family owns a large falconry center, Major gets to enjoy roaming around the estate and maintains a healthy exercise routine. The family is still waiting for confirmation on whether Major qualifies as the tallest dog in the world, but they insist that “it’s going to be fun to find out if he is the tallest – but he is top dog to us anyway.”


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