What Tails are Trying to Tell You

Don’t you wish that you could sometimes be able to completely understand what your dog is trying to tell you all the time? It would certainly make life with them incredibly easy. Actually, you could understand quite a bit of how your dog feels about a situation by taking a more scrutinizing look at the wagging of a dog’s tail. The tail wagging of dogs is a lot more nuanced than people tend to believe.

A common sign to look for is the position of a dog’s tail relative to where their resting tail position, or where a dog’s tail normally hangs. If the tail is higher than normal, it can be seen as a threat to other dogs, and people too. A tail lower than normal can be either a sign of fear or a sign of poor health.

Another sign to look out for is how wide the tail wags are from side to side. Wags that are small in side to side motion usually indicate a timid greeting. Tail wags that are far more broad in sideways motion generally show is the most well-known wag, most often one of satisfaction. Slow wags at “half-mast,” as it’s called, neither too high or too low, is normally a sign of insecurity. So keep this in mind next time you’re trying to read your dog’s mind.


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