Reason to Spay or Neuter

For most people, when adopting a dog the first thing they look into is neutering/spaying their new pet. Almost all the time, adoptable dogs have already been neutered or spayed, which can be a huge relief. There are many important reasons to go through with this procedure that are very beneficial.

When a dog is sterilized, it will typically be much calmer and better behaved. Early neutering can help with many aggression problems a dog may have. Typically, for neutered male dogs, they focus their energy on their human family. Un-spayed female dogs will, of course, have a menstrual cycle and even attract male dogs from great distances.

Neutering dogs before six months is a great preventative of testicular cancer and prostate disease. For females, spaying prevents pyometra and breast cancer, if done before their first heat. This isn’t information often seen when it comes to neutering or spaying dogs, but it’s certainly important.

There are millions of dogs without homes in this world, whether they are stray or in a facility. Puppies are hugely popular, but sadly not everyone cares to keep one for it’s whole life. Many of these sad stories could have been prevented with early intervention of sterilization. It’s important to consider these factors when deciding to spay or neuter an animal.

This information should definitely be taken into consideration when deciding to take on dog ownership. It can be an added expense (unless the procedure has been done previously), but often times it proves to be a necessary and important factor in present and future dog generations.

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