Is a Harness Necessary?

Today, most areas have leash laws, meaning all dogs must be leashed at all times. With this comes the age old question, are harnesses necessary? Continue reading Is a Harness Necessary?


Wacky Wednesday Countdown: A-Z All about dogs

In honor of dogs and dog owners everywhere, I’ve decided to do an alphabetical list all about dogs. I am going to split it in half so today ill be doing A through M and on friday ill be finishing it off N through Z. Lets get started shall we. A is for Apples. Your pet can eat this fruit but it has to be administered in small amounts and it also has to be cut in very small chunks. B is for beagles. Beagles are very friendly animals who love spending time outside and with their owners. C is … Continue reading Wacky Wednesday Countdown: A-Z All about dogs