The Top 10 Moments I Missed With My Dog

A few months ago, my German Shepard mutt, Shadow, passed away. Read my first post to find out more about my last moments with him. With him gone, I still have a big spot in my heart reserved for him. So to keep his memory alive, I reminisce the many awesome moments that we had.

I missed the moments when:

1. …He was sleeping beside me.



2. …He entertained his curiosity.


3. …He jumped happily for food.


4. …He jumped on the couch to be closer to me.

Habits… You know what I mean?

5. …He put in the least amount of effort possible for everything.

He is not lazy, he just loves the floor

6. … He couldn’t function when he was forced to wear the dog cone.


7. …He jumped into my father’s arm.

In friendship, weight does not really matter

8…He do anything to get food or any other goal.

Intelect and cookies

9…He stole my human food.


10…He loved me!


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